Submit An Event

To ensure consistency and completeness of information for events on our programme, we require all event details to be submitted using our event forms. We have four:

Event forms can be submitted online (preferred) or by printed form; regardless, events need to be submitted on time, so make sure you have a postal address if necessary.

Events: As an outdoor activities group with a rich history of countryside and youth hostelling events we need to ensure current members have the opportunities to experience them now and the skills to continue them for our future.

Postcodes: Click here to find a postcode for the meet location of your event.

Small updates: If you just want to make a quick update to your event on the programme, just send an email to the Programme Planner, giving the event date, title and details of the change.

Help and support: See our Event Planning Guide, Walk Library, FAQ page or email the Programme Planner.

Finally, best of luck with your event organising and many thanks for your efforts.