Gain Skills - Outdoor Navigation

This is a key skill for most HAWOG members. Many of our events involve following routes, often in countryside, hilly or mountainous terrain, which necessitate the ability to understand and apply at least basic map and compass skills. With this in mind, members agreed at our 72nd AGM in October 2008 that "all members should gain, demonstrate and maintain sufficient outdoor navigation competence".

In the past few years, we've started organising regular training sessions on outdoor navigation, with a mix of evening and day sessions. Free to members, these events allow them to gain or refresh their navigation skills, in order to master the various levels of navigation, and the use of maps and compasses in the various outdoor situations: getting started (basic navigation skills) - green urban routes - rural/countryside routes - open/mountainous routes.

More details about outdoor navigation can be found on the Gain Skills page, including detailed explanations and useful links. The Programme page lists upcoming training events.