Weeks Away

We offer a few weeks away each year.

Some of our outdoor activities are more distant or the location presents far too many opportunities to warrant a short stay. By definition long distance footpaths require a minimum amount of time and effort to fully enjoy and achieve them.

West Highland Way, April 2014 - Photo by Carol

Travel for weeks away could involve car, bus, coach, train or plane. Cars are sometimes used for longer duration or distance events, in part (i.e. from airport or stations) if not in total. The big advantage of cars is the flexibility they offer, some locations are remote and even if public transport is an option to get to the accommodation, a car may be virtually essential to get around once there. For some of our weeks away we have hired private minibuses complemented by a few cars. One tip is to have 2 drivers for each car and minibus (gives everyone full choice). Occasionally members may choose to travel by bus and coach if the destination is sympathetic. Some routes are linear (start and finish at different places) and might lend themselves to public transport. Train is the other obvious source of transport; again a few use this as appropriate. Most members travel by plane for destinations overseas; time and price generally compare favourably with other options. The environmental impacts of different modes of travel are a matter for individual members; the group has no preference or prejudice. However as an outdoor activities group, many members have some awareness and empathy with environmental issues.

Offa's Dyke, June 2013 - Photo by Phil

Accommodation may be chalets, cottages or hostels, generally the first two as we aim and expect to have our own exclusive self-contained accommodation. There are bargains to be had at the right times and places.

One of the destinations we go for a longer stay every few years is Scotland. The country is rich in mountains, greenery and solitude; you can walk for miles and hours without seeing anything manmade. Scotland is accessible from the South East by road in less than a day.

Pennine Way, July 2011 - Photo by David

Another more distant but easy destination is Ireland. A burgeoning tourist industry means there are plenty of hostels and cottages, and some at very good prices if you shop around. The country is very cheap, quick and easy to reach and beyond the four main cities much of Ireland is green and unspoilt.

In recent years we have also been to Germany.