Rewards and Supplements


Points are awarded to event organisers as follows:

Type of Event Points Awarded - Event not on Meetup Points Awarded - Event on Meetup
Short walk (under 6 miles), evening event, or social event (on programme) 0 10
Day walk (6 miles or more) or other day activity 10 20
Weekend break (social) 10 25
Weekend break (1 or 2 nights away) 20 50
Weekend break (3 or 4 nights away) 20 75
Extended break (5 nights away or more) 20 100
Summer and Christmas hall social events 0 20

Points are awarded for training and to committee members as follows:

Role Points Awarded
Experienced leaders allowing potential organiser to shadow event 5
Potential organiser for shadowing event 5
Experienced leaders providing training to potential organiser to plan for their first event 5
Potential organisers attending map reading day course 5
Committee member 30


Supplements payable for attending events are as follows:

Type of Event Members Meetup
Social event (may be waived by committee for recruitment events) £0 £2
Day or evening outdoor event £0 £10
Weekend break (1 to 4 nights away) (excluding camping) £5 £15
Camping event £10 £20
Extended break (5 nights away or more) £10 £20