Other Activities

Whilst our group's main outdoor activity is walking, members do engage in other events with our group.

We have a number of keen cyclists and many others who enjoy cycling more occasionally. There will often be an opportunity to cycle at least one day on a weekend away, and there's at least one cycling event on our programme each month. Click here for more details on cycling.

Yorkshire Coast, April 2015 - Photo by Brian

Members engage in other activities like climbing, surfing, white water rafting, kayaking, watersports, windsurfing, caving and skiing.

One of the opportunities our group offers is our members have different interests, experience, abilities and aspirations. This means if you want to try something new, somebody else probably wants to too or already has. There is a tacit set of contacts and networking that is available.

Members of the group occasionally organise social events such as parties, meals in restaurants, visit to pubs or clubs, concerts etc.

We usually meet on one Thursday evening each month to provide information about our group, outdoor activities and our events, in particular for new members. The evening also offers everyone the opportunity to socialise, and we often have something light, easy, interesting and occasionally silly, with that aim in mind. Most of our weekend events will have involve an outdoor activity - that's the reason people join our group - but we do need and allow a few complementary social events. All members of our group are expected to participate in outdoor activities and we do not want or allow members who ONLY want social activities.