The Group shall be called "HARROW & WEMBLEY OUTDOOR GROUP".


Membership of the Group shall be open to anyone aged 16 years or over upon payment of the appropriate fee. Implicit in membership is acceptance of and adherence to all Group rules and protocol.

The group shall consist of members and life members.

All members must attend at least one group outdoor activity each year.

Only members of at least 6 months within each year can vote at an AGM or SGM.

All members will be encouraged to become members of the YHA.

Prospective members may attend one outdoor event with no requirement to pay a membership fee.

Attendance by anyone (other than a member, life member or prospective member) will only be allowed at events approved in advance by Committee.

All members who attend hall evenings must contribute as required to the tea rota.


The objectives of the Group shall, in general, be those of the Youth Hostels Association of England & Wales and the promotion of any social, outdoor or cultural activities desired by the Group.


There shall be an annual fee of £10 for membership of the group. Members not having renewed their membership by the renewal date shall be considered to have resigned.

The amounts for each type of membership and any other schemes, fees, payments or rewards are to be decided at each AGM, and may be decided at an SGM. These will form part of the group's rules and will be set out on the group's website.


Points are awarded to event organisers as follows:

Type of Event Points Awarded - Event not on Meetup Points Awarded - Event on Meetup
Short walk or evening event - less than 6 hours 0 10
Day walk or event - 6 hours or more 10 20
Weekend break - 2 or 3 nights away 20 50
Extended break - 4 nights away or more, including longer breaks at one location in UK 30 50
Longer trip - 6 nights away or more at multiple locations or abroad 60 80
Committee member 30  

Events must be well publicised, have at least 2 attendees in addition to the organiser(s), and be followed by a report of at least 80 words within 2 weeks of the event.

Points are awarded after events are completed.

Day event points can only be earned by one organiser. Events involving two nights away or more can have joint organisers, in which case they get half the points each.

Points are awarded for being on the committee for a full year's satisfactory service.

Points can be used by members against: membership renewal; the entire cost of attending weekends or longer breaks, not just the supplement; training courses; buying equipment.

Points are valued at £1 each. Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Points may be carried over from year to year, but expire if members do not renew when their membership expires.


Supplements payable for attending events are as follows:

Type of Event Members Meetup
Short walk or evening event - less than 6 hours £0 £0
Day walk or event - 6 hours or more £0 £5
Weekend break - 2 or 3 nights away £5 £30
Extended break - 4 nights away or more, including longer breaks at one location in UK £10 £50
Longer trip - 6 nights away or more at multiple locations or abroad £15 £80

Event supplements apply to all attendees, including the organiser(s).


There will be a special category of membership 'Life Membership'. Life Members will not be required to pay the annual membership fee.


Any funds of the Group shall be devoted to the expenses of running the Group or to any other purpose as decided by the Committee, the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the Group.

The funds will be deposited in a bank account or retained in an electronic fund management system (e.g. PayPal). Persons authorised to make payments or withdrawals will be those committee members or other trusted members of the group, as determined by the Committee.

In the event of the winding up of the Group any balance shall be handed over to the Youth Hostels Association of England & Wales as a free contribution.


The Group shall hold an Annual General Meeting each October, for the purpose of electing a Committee to transact the business of the Group.

A Special General Meeting of the Group shall be called at the request of the Committee, or at least one third of the members of the Group.

The Secretary shall give at least fourteen days notice to members of the Group for each meeting and ensure advance communication of all relevant information including agenda by appropriate media.


The Group may affiliate to any kindred organisation that is decided at the Annual General Meeting and reasonable efforts shall be made by the Committee to insure its members and equipment wherever possible.


At each Annual General Meeting of the Group an Auditor shall be appointed, not being a member of the Committee. The duty of such an Auditor being to examine the Treasurer's accounts at the end of the year and before presentation of the financial statement at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose.


The Chairperson shall have the power of using an additional casting vote in order to reach a decision at any Group meeting on any matter on which the voting is equal.


The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer, Publicity Officer, Programme Planner, Information Officer, and Social Secretary, all being members of the Group. This Committee shall meet as often as required, but in any case not less frequently than once in every three months. Four members of the Committee present at such a meeting shall be considered to form a quorum. Vacancies on the Committee occurring during the year may be filled by co-option.

All members of the Committee shall retire at the Annual General Meeting but they may offer themselves for re-election.

Contested nominations for committee posts will be decided by secret ballot.


Any member whose behaviour within or beyond the Group which has a negative effect on the Group, members of the Group, or anyone involved with the Group, may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of membership, as considered appropriate by the Committee.

Minutes of the AGM held on October 19th 2017 are available to read here. Minutes of the 2016, 2015 and 2014 AGM's are also available to read.