Privacy Policy

This data policy covers the ways in which we need to record, store and process personal data as necessary in order to run the group and communicate.

We need you to agree to this as part of being a member. Unfortunately you will not be able to continue as a member if you do not agree.

The club will collect and hold the names and contact details of members. This may include name, phone number, email address and postal address. Plus relevant dates.

This data will be used for the purposes of running the club.

The data will be held in "cloud storage" online and will be accessible to committee members.

The data will be used for the purposes of running the club, which include membership statistics, prompting members to renew and contacting members when necessary.

We will use this data to communicate with members and update them about the club and events.

Data will not be provided to other members without consent.

Members' contact details will be passed on to event organisers when they enquire about or pay to go on events so that they can be notified about arrangements, changes or cancellation.

Members organising events may circulate lists of members going on events to facilitate lifts and other arrangements. This will be limited to first names and identifying initials.

Membership details may be shared with the YHA and our insurers.

Membership details will not be shared with any other organisation unless we are legally required to do so.

We will publish members first name and initial letter of surname in group emails (to identify people as we have lots of Johns for example) in event reports and when you organise events.

We will collect and maintain lists of prospective members who have expressed an interest in joining the group or learning more about it.

We will send prospective members details of events and other news. We will stop doing so on request and we will keep a list of prospective members who have asked us not to communicate with them further.