Code of Conduct

We expect all Members and participants to abide by our Code of Conduct at all times during their association with HAWOG.

If any Member has a concern regarding a participant's or Member's conduct, they should contact the Committee using the Comments email address. Committee Members will contact participants / Members to raise any issues regarding their conduct which have been brought to the Committee's attention.

The Committee reserves the right to exclude participants and Members who are in breach of the Code of Conduct from future HAWOG events.

Behaviour and Attitude

We expect everyone involved with our group to enjoy our events. We welcome people from all backgrounds to these events, and we expect participants to exercise judgement on the appropriate use of humour and language within the context of the event they are attending, and their co-participants. We insist on the following:

Event Organisers

Event Organisers are expected to:

Walk Leaders

Walk leaders are expected to:

Event Participants

Event Participants are expected to:

Car Sharers

Car Sharers are expected to:

Email Users

Email Users are expected to:


Members are expected to:

Committee Members

Committee Members are expected to: