Quotes and Recollections From Our Past 70 Years

Ahead are a collection of quotes and recollections made by members of our group over the past 70 years. Some funny, some very telling, some not quite PC, but all give a flavour for how similar and different our group and our life's are now and then. It certainly wasn't all fanny dangle in the 1950's. Humour, innuendoes, getting members to organise events and write articles for the group magazine, were some of the issues the group faced then. Some liked the humour and innuendoes; some did not; same as now really. Quotes from the seventies and eighties hint at a decline in the outdoor ethos of the group and suggest some members had more of a preference for social activities. This issue has certainly been raised in recent years.

The quotes cluster around specific dates in time due to the incomplete nature of our archives. The recollections without dates clearly relate to our group's earliest years and as such appear first. For quick reference some of the suggested more interesting or funny quotes are in a different font. Enjoy.