Brighton Weekend - Starling Murmuration


Fri-Sun Dec 1st-3rd


Malcolm and Diane


£63.50 per person (including supplement); additional £10 supplement for attendees from Meetup


We are staying at YHA Brighton, just minutes from the sea front. Weekend is scheduled to capture the winter starling murmuration.

Friday: We will do a leisurely afternoon circular walk around the town. We might even get to see the starling murmuration twice.

Saturday: Our walk is around 10-12 miles, a circular route from Brighton to Falmer (option to do 6 miles with train back to Brighton). Our walk will take us up and over the South Downs. We start by walking along the sea front following the racecourse which forms a horseshoe along the top of White Hawk Hill. We will climb Falmer Hill crossing flint-strewn fields and rough grassland edged by winter hedgerows. If doing the six miles the walk will end there with train back to Brighton. The rest of the walkers will continue the circular route back to Brighton with great views along the way. Our end of walk will see us back in time to watch the starling murmuration on Brighton Pier. This is where 40,000 starlings congregate after arriving from Scandinavia, Poland, Germany and Russia to join our indigenous flocks.

Sunday: We de-bunk and take a tour around the Royal Pavilion and gardens before bidding our farewells.


Hostel serving breakfast and evening meals. Lots of places to eat and drink in Brighton. On Saturday's walk we will stop to purchase packed lunch requirements before the walk. No self-catering kitchen.


Trains from London Victoria to Brighton, 1hr 10mins. No parking on-site; chargeable parking in nearby streets in parking lots.


YHA Brighton, Old Steine, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1NH. We have booked en-suite four-bedded dorms.


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