Newbury Retro Festival Fun Weekend


Fri-Mon Aug 12th-15th




£52.50 weekend pass to showground, £68.00 camping for 3 nights, £5 supplement. Option to arrange own accommodation, glamping, or nearby hotel.


We are camping at the Newbury Retro Festival. This is a 3 day festival of live music, classic cars, funfair rides, hot air balloons, air shows, steam fair, vintage clothes fair, and celebrates all eras from the 40s onwards.

Friday: We set up camp, then head to the showground for a wander round. Then into the the Black Hangar Stage for some live music from the Firebirds, 1950's and 1960's rock n roll.

Saturday: We head to the showground for some flying displays, hot air balloons, space wheel acts and the wall of death. Live on the Ricky Tick Stage: Northern Soul music by The Signatures with Northern Soul dance lessons for all. Live on the Black Hangar Stage : The Roosters rock n roll and Harry And The Hounds Elvis-rock n roll. Full evening of cabaret acts burlesque, circus, magic and song (separate ticket required).

Sunday: We head to the showground for some live Punch and Judy, fun fair, vehicle shows, steam engines and maybe even a vintage hairdo. Live on the Ricky Tick Stage : High Wasters with songs from The Who, The Kinks and 70's. Live at the Spit Fire Pavilion : Cockney sing-along plus Jump Jive Swing and others. Full day at the Black Hangar Stage with many more acts with 50's 60's music.

Monday: Sees us de-bunk and bid farewell to Newbury Retro Festival.


Festival has full catering, need to self-cater at campsite, bring own equipment


Arranging lifts is an individual responsibility and is not arranged by leader. Nearest train station Newbury, on mainline from Paddington. Shuttle bus service from train station to showground.


Newbury Showground, Priors Court, Hermitage near Newbury, RG18 9QZ


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